Counting Down the Tasks

I got a good question from Adam (@TalAdam) about why I have Tanzawa on a subdomain, rather than my main domain. While the answer is simple it's a good opportunity to discuss my plans for Tanzawa in the mid-term future.

To answer Adam's question:

  1. 1. When I started Tanzawa I didn't have a domain (or even a name), so I started with a domain I owned.
  2. 2. I need to build up my minimal feature parity of my current blog before I can switch my main domain from Wordpress to Tanzawa.

What's remaining for my minimal feature parity? Only three parts:Β  bookmarks/likes, checkins (w/ maps), and photo posts. Technically four - but photo posts are lower on the list. Once that's done I'll need to figure out how to migrate my data and create a huge redirect map for nginx. Perhaps by the end of the month?Β 

Once I migrate my main site to Tanzawa what's left for this blog? I plan to redirect it somewhere on the domain. From there, I'll continuing using this blog as a development blog as I polish Tanzawa for a proper release that other people can use.