Creating a slick checkin experience is out of the scope of a personal website, so you'll need to use Swarm (or such) to checkin and backfeed them into Tanzawa. However, I often find myself wanting to expand that check into a proper blog post – to tell a story about what happened. So you should be able to edit a checkin on your blog.

The edit checkin page is the same all other edit pages, except it has two fields at the top: Where did you go? and What's its url?

Extra fields on checkin posts

I also started working on being able to add syndication urls to posts. I've already added support via micropub to save syndication urls. This lets you add / remove them for non-micropub posts.

Syndication urls

When you can eventually set your identities on other sites in Tanzawa, it might be fun to customize the placeholder text. For example you could get it to use your username or randomly use different sites e.g. twitter on the first load, flickr on the second load etc...