Thank you to Colin for replying and sending Tanzawa its first non-test webmention.Β 

Today I fixed some layout bugs and started working on a home / dashboard screen for the publishing side of Tanzawa. For starters it's going to display just the last 5 posts / webmentions and a button to write a new status.

Currently each wbmention shows it's review status (πŸ‘ or πŸ‘‰), source url, and a link to the django admin to review (or delete) it.Β  Instead of the source url (as that's not super helpful) I plan to show who it's from, the kind of webmention, and a link to view it. Eventually I'd like to normalize this data into the database, so I don't need to parse html on each page load, but I'm still working on the table schema in my head.

Once I get the dashboard "working", I think it's time to expand to other post types. Articles would be easiest - as it's just a status with a title. It will also force me to normalize sidemenus and post listing logic. After that I'd like to support checkins via a micropub endpoint so I can get my swarm checkins from OwnYourSwarm.