Thinking about Bookmarks & Replies

With support for articles shipped in Tanzawa (this is the first one! 🎉 ) I'm taking a day off coding and doing a day of thinking about the next post kind(s) I want in Tanzawa: bookmarks & replies.

Why group them? Well,  they're quite similar in my mind. A "reply" is a blog post that is a reply to some other page or post on the internet.  On my current Wordpress site they look like a note with a link to site and maybe an excerpt for which  we're replying.

A reply on my current Wordpress site

Bookmarks look quite similar. Infact they're exactly the same, except I opted to put the link emoji for bookmarks.

A bookmark on my current Wordpress site

Just looking at the two different post kinds the only difference is in the webmention that's sent. In replies there's a `u-in-reply-to` while in a bookmark there isn't. Part of the reason why they're the same is because how I treat bookmarks.

When I bookmark something publicly on my blog I've write a note as to why I'm bookmarking it. It's less of a reply and more of an aside. However, reflecting on this behavior while writing this post, I think I've been using bookmarks in this manner because I've been using Wordpress. The interface for posting bookmarks and replies (and statuses and articles) is the same and so you're encouraged to treat them the same.

Differentiating Replies and Bookmarks in Tanzawa 

Both bookmarks and replies will need a field for inputting the url that we're bookmarking or replying too. And both kinds will need to dynamically load the page, extract title / author / summary information. And in both types users should be able to correct the extracted information.

I think the major difference must be made in how they're displayed in a list. Bookmarks should be displayed completely differently than other post kinds. They should only display the page title / link / date bookmarked / post permalink. Each bookmark's detail page can show the extra meta information: a note, an excerpt, and so forth.

Replies will display much like status i.e. there's no post title. But it will begin with a link and excerpt for the reply to setup the context for the post followed by our note. RSS feeds for bookmarks and replies should be the same: linked site meta info followed by a note.

My bet is that bookmarks and replies display much differently in your streams on the site that even though the publishing interface may be similar, your usage will change.