Mostly bug fixes today. Colin let me know about a bug how Tanzawa was interpreting webmentions from his blog. The basic issues was that Colin keeps all posts for the day on a single page and uses an anchor tag to link to the different posts e.g. blog.php?date=2021-01-28#p4 . So a single webmention request will include all posts for that day.

The mf2py-utils library I'm using to classify the microformated data as a comment works under the assumption that each post will have its own webmention. So when he linked to Tanzawa as post number two, Tanzawa showed the comment for post number one. It was an easy fix to make sure that the comment interpreting function filters by the target url as well.

The other minor change is I've added the interaction count to the status list page as well. I haven't styled it yet, but I imagine it will become a brown circle. This makes it easier for me to see which posts have comments/likes and so forth.