I've got webmentions working with the great django-webmention library. I'm parsing mention's microformats using mf2py and mf2util. It's not too difficult.ย  You can send a webmention and I'll receive it. They just won't show on the page. And that's because I'm not sure how I want them to display.

For example a "like" doesn't necessarily have an author name, just a url. Or even no author at all. How do I display these? Do I just not display them?ย  What's the appropriate microformat html for this type?ย  Rich content or plain content? What if the plain content is in markdown? And repeat for each different kind.

I wanted to add support for receiving webmentions, as that way I can see if someone's linking to the tanzawa development blog, but I'll I think I'll hold off on display until I've had a chance to think through the implementations more.