Today marks 1 month since I got the first instance of Tanzawa live. πŸŽ‰

Today I shipped support for sending webmentions. So now when I link to a post, Tanzawa will send webmentions. It's all done inline, so there's now a slow-down when saving. I should do it in the background, but I'm not sure I want to introduce redis/celery and all that complexity quite yet (or ever?).

A webmention from Tanzawa

I have a table you can view in the admin where you can see which posts sent which webmentions and if they were successful or not.

I also shipped a small update to webmention receiving. When an existing webmention is updated, I now also update how the webmention is displayed. In the case of an update, the comment must be re-moderated.

The final small "quality-of-life" update is when I save a post I now show a link in the success message to view the post.
Small quality of life update