No coding today. Planning and thinking about how to implement Streams, one of my core ideas behind Tanzawa.

Streams will help you categorize and posts and blogs. You have a running stream, a status stream, a checkins steam. Each stream is independent of each other and each stream flows into the main Tanzawa stream.

Posts of any kind can appear in any stream. Streams will be listed on the left and have their own feed.  In micropub parlance these would be tags or categories. 

Some streams may be unlisted streams, entirely off the map, hiding all contents from anyone that isn’t logged in. 

Once streams are working, I can start modeling checkin and address data requirements and add support to micropub.


The other thing I’m starting to think about is how other people could start using Tanzawa. Initial setup a little involved  as SQLite needs Geo extensions installed to work. A Docker container would be easiest to make it all work, but even that’s a hurdle to getting started. 

I could provide hosting, but I’m not sure I want that kind of responsibility yet.  One step at a time.