Another week another feature coded and launched. This week I managed to get streams built and launched. You can see them on the right. Clicking each stream will filter the posts by the streams you selected when writing your post.

Steams can also be set via micropub if the client just sends a matching slug in the "category" property. Streams have feeds accessible at /<slug>/feed. You can subscribe to just Tanzawa status updates with status feed. As I can only author statuses on the backend right now this feed will match the main feed.

The other visual change you'll notice on the site is more navigation items on the left. Clicking on them allows you to navigateย  between streams.

Tanzawa Streams Navigation

With Streams finished, the next step for Tanzawa is going to be to allow me to author the various kinds of posts that would appear in these streams.

For articles I need to add posts with titles (technically supported via micropub, but titles aren't visible anywhere). Replies are more complex as I need to capture the url we're replying to, grab / parse the page for author / summary data and let the user customize it. It's a big task, but it will also finally let me start integrating Turbo in the admin.