• Response to inessential: New in NetNewsWire 6: Twitter Search Feeds

    in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
    What’s cool about this: you can watch for mentions of whatever you want, and those come to you in the same app where your other feeds live.
    Following Twitter searches in NetNewsWire looks super handy. Will have to add the #IndieWeb hashtag once this is released. 
  • Response to Colin Walker - Mar 17, 2021

    in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
    It's a little bittersweet — on the one hand it feels good as I know that I have a new solution but, on the other, it feels a little sad that the fruits of so much time and effort are now redundant.
    I feel this when I improve implementations all the time. Code reflects our best understanding of a given problem to a given solution at a given time. Requirements changing naturally means that the problem has also changed.

    When writing code I try to remind myself that all is temporary and will be deleted or rewritten at some point, so I best not grow too fond of it.
  • Response to jlelse's Blog

    I just took a quick look at my server logs. And I see that there are some bots that are constantly crawling my site. If that would be search engines, feed readers etc. that wouldn’t be a problem. But this are crawlers by companies whose websites try to se
    I wonder if there isn't a list of these cralwers out there that you could then automatically block at the nginx/apache level. Even handling it at the app server level would discourage them from crawling your site too much.
  • Response to The Week #34

    I started working on replies in Tanzawa. Introducing Turbo to add some dynamism to admin interface. It’s turned into a bigger rabbit hole than expected. I imagine most rails devs are familiar with the basics of Turbo (Links) but as a Django dev, things like Turbo aren’t included, so there’s a bit of a learning curve for me to implement it properly. That said – it’s coming along.
    Although I said it's coming along earlier today, I got it all working and  I decided to ship despite replies not being implemented in my micropub endpoint yet.

    One thing I'd like is to make responding to a tweet via Tanzawa as smooth as butter, so it's quick to tweet and reply from your own site. I imagine I can do that if I integrate with Bridgy.