• I've got the base interface for mapping categories to streams worked out. Adding a new stream directs you to the django admin, which isn't ideal from a user perspective, I kinda like it because modifying system data should be different.

    The base category mapping interface

  • Have got the base upload form working. After uploading the file it's automatically creating placeholder records for all post formats (Wordpress' build in Post Kind),Β  Categories, and Post Kinds.Β 

    But thinking more about the actual worflow, I think it will be better not automatically create those records and truly split it separate steps. So after uploading the file you're taken to a list page with a list of all uploaded Wordpress files.

    Next to each filename there will be five buttons: "Set Category Mapping", "Set Post Format Mapping" ,Β  "Set Post Kind Mapping" (if found), "Import Media", and "Import Posts".Β  The "Import Posts" button will be disabled until mapping has been setup and media has been imported.

    Uploading the file will automatically redirect you to the "Set CategoryΒ  Mapping" page, but if you leave the process midway through you'll be able to pickup where you left off.

    The base Wordpress import form
  • Getting the base models used for importing Wordpress posts into Tanzawa built has made the task feel a bit less daunting. There's a clear path forward.
  • Parsing the Wordpress XML file with feedparser strips all of the Wordpress specific data. But it looks like I can use BeautifulSoup (which I'm using elsewhere) to get what I need. The "xml" parser preserves the CData, so I can get the encoded data, too. Progress.

    Example of getting content from Wordpress export files with Python
  • Shipped full support for checkins and syndication urls . Yay! πŸŽ‰ Next up is support for importing posts from Wordpress...😬
  • I got the web interface working for adding and removing of syndication urls. Nice and simple. Once I've got them marking up properly, I think they're ready to ship!

    Adding syndication urls in Tanzawa
  • Back to building some base infrastructure again. This time for adding / deleting syndication urls. Deleting is simple enough – it's just a (hidden) checkbox with a small stimulus controller setup to toggle its label text between "Remove" and "Undo".

    Adding a secondary form also works. I output an empty formset form into my template then use a small action to copy it, replace the id and update the management form, 5 lines of code, half of which is variable definitions.

    My goal is to be able to reuse this whenever I need to add multiple related records to a post without any modifications.
  • Creating a slick checkin experience is out of the scope of a personal website, so you'll need to use Swarm (or such) to checkin and backfeed them into Tanzawa. However, I often find myself wanting to expand that check into a proper blog post – to tell a story about what happened. So you should be able to edit a checkin on your blog.

    The edit checkin page is the same all other edit pages, except it has two fields at the top: Where did you go? and What's its url?

    Extra fields on checkin posts

    I also started working on being able to add syndication urls to posts. I've already added support via micropub to save syndication urls. This lets you add / remove them for non-micropub posts.

    Syndication urls

    When you can eventually set your identities on other sites in Tanzawa, it might be fun to customize the placeholder text. For example you could get it to use your username or randomly use different sites e.g. twitter on the first load, flickr on the second load etc...
  • Just a small update today – posts made with micropub respect the published datetime and I'm saving /showing syndication urls. I still need a proper interface for both of these in the admin. This is what syndication links will look like in a post.

    Syndication links now appear in the post meta
  • With support for locations finished, I was able to add support for checkins in a couple of hours this morning. You can only post a checkin via micropub, but you can edit them like any other post locally.

    There's three remaining "tidbits" to be completed before I can mark location/checkin support is complete:Β  use the sent published date time in the micropub request as the posts' published datetime, store/display the syndication urls in the post meta, and confirm microformat my location data. This is what they look like – checkin is from January 2nd :-)

    An example checkin post with a photo
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